Sunday, March 20, 2011


What a fabulous weekend! Weather was perfect (except no rain, and do we need some). The Moose scored big at a community garage sale event, on Saturday, where my parents live. The Moose could start his own hardware store! He got somewhere between 15 and 20 old tobbaco cans full of screws, nails, etc, and all of them were properly marked. He also picked up a couple of drills, a shelving unit, shovel and more. We love yard sales, the bargains we find are incredible. Most of the Compound has been furnished by yard sale finds. We finished the day off with lunch to celebrate our daughter's 23rd birthday.

We spent all day Sunday, offloading his finds, weeding the garden, watering, and setting up the new solar panels. We've been debating for a while of whether to purchase this system, but after we put it together, we both feel confident it will do what we need; charge up our existing batteries for the RV and our boat, as well as store enough power to run a pump for the pond, and some lighting for the chicken coop area. So far, so good. We paid $350 for a 60 watt system. Our goal is to get as much as possible working at the Compound using renewable energy, and not the gas driven generators.

We had a bit of a scare as well. The Compound is very remote, and there are on occasion some folks out there having target practice. Today someone decided to try target practice on the road at the edge of our property. He shot once, scared the heck out of us and the dog, so I hollered that there were people in the area, and to be careful. He stopped for about 30 minutes, and then seemed to be even closer when he decided to rattle them off. Well, let's just say, when it comes to protecting one's family, there is no better than the Moose! I'm all for gun rights, and have a few of my own, but it's gun safety 101, to know where you're shooting, before shooting! Hopefully, that will be the end of any further episodes.

Sorry, no photos, forgot the camera. As an update, the squash, peas, beans, corn, watermelon, zuccini, onions and garlic are all up! Most are up within a week, some in less than two. I swear they were growning right before my eyes today. The Moose and I ate some of the first strawberries out of the garden today. They were WONDERFUL!

Stay safe, and have a good week.

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