Friday, March 25, 2011

Chicks on Board - Day 2

Well, we're starting out on day 2 with our new chicks. Yep, all 12 have made it through 2 nights. The Moose calls them the anarchists. It's very fitting if you have a chance to watch them. They eat and poo like crazy. From what I can tell they take 1 minute cat naps throughout the day. 1 minute only, because once they get settled, one of their brood members comes along and either pecks at them, or runs them over.

We have one stinker, we're guessing a rooster. If you put your hand in the area comes running over. Never gets close enough to peck at you, just comes up short. For now, he/she is being called Crabby Pat/Patty. Either way, the name will stick.

We also have a runt, the Moose has named Nugget. He's much smaller than the rest, and does his/her fair share of budging to get at the food.

They've all started to get their pin feathers on the wings. They are getting much more active, and curious. We had fun putting out feed on the boards in the area. They loved it! It gave them all something to do, and they really scratched up a mess. They've become such a fun focus for us, even our dog Izzy.

Izzy was not sure what they were at first. We've let her in the room with us, and we let her peek over the side. She whined at first wanting to get in there with them to check them out. Now she likes to make sure they're still there, and then she sits next to them, almost like she's keeping guard. We often find her sitting in front of the door to the room as well. We won't let her near them on her own, until they are older, and we're sure she won't hurt them. She's always been a good dog, so we'll take it as we go.

The Moose built them a roost. It cost us around $2 to make the thing, 1/2" diameter dowel and a 1x2 board. He cut it down, drilled in the holes, and now they have a roost. They haven't been able to get their balance figured out yet, but a couple of them really want to be on there.

Now we need names for the other 10. 6 are definately girls, and the other remaining 4 we don't know for sure. Our daughters wanted to give them chicken names; Nugget, Patty, were two they came up with. Do you have any suggestions?

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