Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Camper/RV Upkeep, and Our New Baby

We showed up late this past Saturday as we attended a trade show.  When we arrived at The Compound the boys had already taken care of the chickens and pigs for us!  What a great surprise, and considering how tired we both were, it was sure appreciated!

Since we all have a camper or RV of some sort at The Compound, we dedicated this past weekend to cleaning and maintenance.  Every few years or so, you need to coat the roof tops.  But first, they had to be cleaned, mold removed, rinsed and let to dry overnight. 

We gave this camper to the boys, after we bought our new RV.

Then on Sunday they applied two coats of epoxy to each of four campers.  It was no small task even though they had 3 of them working on them together.  The sun was brutal, and it took every last bit of energy they had.  But it's done, and was needed.

Here's our new baby;

Excuse the mess inside, still trying to get things organized.  It sure opens up nice inside with two slides in the main living area.  It has a washer/dryer! The Moose and I area looking forward to taking a road trip or two. 

Tiffin Allegro Bus, 37', 3 slides  55K miles, Diesel, year 2000


  1. Nice looking Mobile there. You could bug out early and park it anywhere if it came down to it. All the comforts of home :)

    1. That's it exactly! Just another back up plan.

  2. Izzy,

    It's nice to have guys help you with the animals on the compound.

    Nice RV my friend! It looks very comfortable and gives you plenty of room. I see you in the background in the mirror taking the picture.....Smile!!!


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