Monday, April 7, 2014

Can't Take Less than $75

Since things at The Compound keep growing, we placed our composter on Craigslist to sell.  At first it was an ideal size, but now with all the animals we will be composing on a much larger scale.   The crazy things go for around $180 on Amazon.  Our ad is asking $100 o.b.o.  It's only a couple of years old.

Craigslist is a great resource for selling those odds and ends.  But I do have to say, you sure get enough crackpots to sort through.  Those that call wanting the item, never to show up, those wanting to send you a check with an extra $50 for all the trouble if you'll just take their check, cash it and then pay them the difference, in a check from your bank when they come over.  Or one of my favorites;  I'm on disability with a low income and can not drive.  Will you deliver it to me and I'm only 2 hours away?!  I had this one asked of me for a dozen fertilized eggs. (even if this was true, how could he possibly afford to care for the chicks once hatched?)  Why would I spend $50 on gas for $5.00 worth of eggs?

The most recent one has the Moose and I laughing this morning.  We had an offer for $60 for the composter.  We came back with "we'd take $75".   We'd like to get at least that.  Her reply:  "Due to fixed income and gas cost, can you take $65?"

Here's our response:  "Due to the cost of raising children and putting them through college, I can't take less than $75".

We may just keep the composter and raise red worms in it.


  1. Hope you sell it! We've had some crazy "offers" to buy items we've had for sale on CL over the years. My favorite was a recent offer to buy our violin for $200 over the asking price if we would ship it and take paypal. Yeah, right. Cash only! Happy Monday, Izzy!

    1. Cash is king!

      I like it even more when you agree on a price, they show up to pick it up and want to negotiate lower at that point.

  2. I chuckled at this post but it is so true about dealing with Craigslist! I used to price my honest asking price but folks always want to bid down. If I price higher, to allow for some negotiating, no one even calls. Most conversations begin, "What's the rock bottom price you'll sell it for." And the no shows! Yikes, don't get me going. I love your response, however, and you're right. Sometimes we have to figure out what price isn't worth selling. Sometimes it makes more sense to keep the item than end up feeling used or cheated.

    1. We're not against helping someone who needs it. We recently sold a mattress and the Moose even put it in his truck and delivered it for a couple of college aged girls that needed help. We don't however, like to feel taken advantage of.


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