Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What She Does Best

Miss Izzy is somewhere between 14 and 15 years old.  Not exactly sure as we adopted her from an animal shelter.  She's been a perfect fit for our family. Frustrating at times, but she's ours.

She's having trouble jumping up on the sofa, doesn't even try to get up on the bed by herself.  She's going deaf, and has some sight issues as well.  Like the best of us, she's showing her age.  Until you throw a rat at The Compound in the mix.  Then she'll offer life and limb.

Miss Izzy worked so hard on Saturday when she found a nest in the chicken coop, under the actual house.  It's not an easy area to get to.    Here's a small video of her in action.

She spent a couple of hours in the heat, working to clear them out.  The Moose actually dug out a trench she could fit in, and she was under the chicken house for what seemed like forever, cleaning out the nest.  We are once again rat free!

Now her age really showed later in the afternoon.   She actually moaned when she got up or down.  Reminded us of how we all feel on Sunday morning after working at The Compound.  She was rewarded with the thing she hates the most;  a bath!


  1. I hope you at least gave her some treats before THE BATH...

    The horror....

  2. Bless her little mice catching heart!

  3. Wow, go Miss Izzy! Definitely more determined than all three of my cats put together!


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