Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week in Photos 4/20/14

OK, don't make fun of all my weeds!  I cleaned most of them up after I took the photos!  Just so you don't go thinking I don't do anything at The Compound.  I'm in charge of the garden and the chickens, chicken coop, and on occasion I'm the extra pair of hands that is needed to hold something in place.  Oh, and of course I'm the snack lady for all the animals!  I get all the fun projects.

OK, I didn't clean the weeds up from around this. What is now a giant celery plant! It started growing on it's own, and I've left it alone to see what will happen.  Celery tastes fine, and growing, at least better than my weeds.

Tomatoes, cherry and big boy varieties.  Lots of blossoms and the start of some tomatoes.

We have three tomatoes of pretty good size on a tomato plant I did not plan for.  It grew up on it's own, so I left it.

No, little piggies.  That's a camera in my hand, not a PB and J!

Now serving number?  There are more than enough places to lay an egg, but yet they still want to lay them in the same place.

Miss Connie hatched out two chicks again this year.  What are the odds it was two chicks again, by Miss Connie and one is black the other yellow.  Same as last year!  She's a very good momma.

Here are my two favorites. The Queen (LH) and the boar from her litter.  Both lay down so I can scratch them.  They actually close their eyes and fall asleep.  He even snores.


  1. You guys just have way too much fun out there!!....Fred

  2. Congrats on the volunteer tomatoes and celery! Nice! We just moved our new layers out to the hen house from their makeshift brooder late yesterday (photos to come!) and are looking forward to an abundance of eggs again once they start laying. We have one rooster that I'm trying to talk Dan into keeping so that we might raise our own hatchlings -- how fun! Glad your homestead is so productive; what a blessing!


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