Tuesday, July 30, 2013

She Was One of a Kind

Never a complaint or a criticism fell from her lips.  Not a hair out of place, perfectly pressed clothes, and wearing her apron and slippers.  Wearing a glowing smile.  The kind that made you all warm inside.  Busy, from sunup to sundown.  Whistling in the kitchen while making breakfast.  Singing a church hymn while sewing or doing laundry. 

This is how I’ll remember my Grandmother, who passed away this morning as a result of the dreadful disease Alzheimer's.  She was one of a kind.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Mine was much the same way but I called her Grandma Miller. She basically raised me. I remember so much of what she did when I was a small child (quilting was one) but never got the chance (because I wasn't all that interested at the time) to actually learn from her. I am having to ask the few remaining aunts & older cousins who have been most helpful.

    Celebrate her life!


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