Monday, July 1, 2013

Alone for the Ride

Now this is a silly question; do you ever feel alone, ignored, made fun of? What do you do when your closest family and friends don’t come along for the ride?  By ride I mean, even remotely believe or follow your ideas of what’s happening in the world or how you chose to live your life.  Or if they do “kind of sort of” believe, are they just placating you in the moment?

Most of you that follow this crazy blog are of like mind, at least that’s how I see it.  I can tell by the comments you leave, and the posts on your own sites.  My question to you is; how do you deal with the closest friends and family that you know make fun of you or talk behind your back when you’re not around? 
I have this issue going on right now, and it is getting harder to deal with.  How do you handle it?


  1. Izzy,

    That's a tough question. I don't have the problem, except about organic gardening & they only rib me in jest about that. And, we only share our 'other' ways with those that we know appreciate it.

    I'd think you have to judge what to do by a couple of factors - How close are they to you?, Can you live without them being a major part of your life? If the answer those is "not very" & "yes". I would just phase them out of day to day living. If the answer is something else (i.e. close relative or very good friend) I don't know what to tell you except to do what your heart & head tell you to do.

    1. Thank you for responding. I appreciate responses from those with my way of thinking, like you. I'll be contacting you soon, so we can meet up for lunch in JAX. The last couple of times we've had to rush in and rush out..

  2. Izzy,

    I let them talk and ignore them. Unless of course it's to my face, then I let them know how I feel. I'm not a fan of two faced people.
    I used to have this problem with my ex-sister in law. When she was my sister in law she would talk badly about me to my family/friends, one day in front of all my friends and family I called her bluff and gave her the perfect name $$itch. I had no more problems with her after that, lol.

    1. Unfortunately this person is as close to me as you can get, and getting them to understand has been impossible, but I would sure like them to be respectful.

  3. We each must live our own lives.
    Getting two people to agree on any one subject is difficult, let alone the whole worlds state of reality.
    Most just prefer a state of mind that goes toward nirvana, nothing unusual about that. Till it reaches out and bites you.
    Say your piece and walk away not mentioning the subject again. Never allow them to decide for you what is reality without sound fact behind those arguments.
    Once you have been rejected for that which you firmly believe walk away and lead your life.
    We all have to follow the path of life till it is no more. The end result will be the same and at that point we can get together once again and settle the argument as to whom was correct.
    We each must follow our own path.
    The journey is one that I personally do not wish to finish first.

  4. I have this all the time from both friends and family. We fight and argue with each other all because I won't see it their way. They call me names like paranoid, freak, weird and so on because I choose to live harder than they do. I live in a double wide so I am trailer trash and throwing money down a rat hole. They tell me every idea I have will not work or is dumb. They ask me not to say anything about them on my blog because they know y'all support me and will trash them. They even tell me I am not christian because I stock food.
    I am now down to just a hand full of friends and some of the family will not come around anymore. All this because I don't live on credit, I produce my own food and won't let them talk down to me.
    How do I handle it? Well, without them bothering me anymore I get more stuff done.
    I tell my wife all the time, I do not need any human interaction except from her and the kids. Everyone else can just go on with their lives and leave me alone.
    It's sad really but it is their choice to be the way they are. I have a lot of fun and I am always asked where I come up with the money. It's simple, my cost of living is lower because I work it that way.
    Good luck with yours, I personally don't put up with it.

    1. I'd like to become a hermit myself! I'm really tired of the poor attitudes and lack of respect for our ideals.

      I got a free kindle book the other day; Trailersteading. It had some interesting things people have done w/their trailers. I sure understand the appeal of no mortgage.

      As to not Christian because you stock food, that's a strange one. How can you help your family or your fellow man if you have nothing to offer?


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