Friday, July 19, 2013

It's So Barrassing

Only my immediate family would understand the word, barrassing.  When Daughter #1 was little, she didn’t understand the word was embarrassing, it was barrassing.  It’s now part of the family vocabulary of favorite words.

I am totally embarrassed by the state of my garden.  With the work around the house, throw in rain and some travel, it has become a shambles.  I am determined to get it back in order, and it will take some doing.  I’m collecting cardboard boxes, which should help kill off some of the culprits, along with a lot of weed pulling.

I am going to try a weed killing, natural recipe.

1 Quart Vinegar

¼ table salt

1 tsp dish soap

Placed in a spray bottle.  I will apply it to the weeds in the garden and see what happens.  Nice thing, it won’t change the PH of your garden, and won’t hurt the chickens or dog when they run through the area.  I have read it will only help small/new growth weeds.  I’ll let you know the results. I'll need to make this recipe in a large vat for the size of my garden though!

I’m also considering baking soda.  Have you used either of these methods?  Failure, success?


  1. Izzy,

    I have tried it on my walkway & it works well especially if used on a hot dry day. Haven't tried baking soda but have thought about it as well. I think the cardboard will help a lot. Be sure to overlap it. Those darn weeds will find a way if there's any hint of sunlight at all. Good luck.

  2. Izzy, you're in good company when it comes to weed takeovers in gardens! Once again I'm kicking myself for not getting everything well mulched sooner. I did try the vinegar once on wire (Bermuda) grass. It seemed to kill the leaves but not the roots. :(

  3. I've used the same mix on weeds outside the garden but wasn't sure what it would do to the growing plants. I use cardboard and remnant carpet strips on my walk ways (in the dumpster behind carpet stores), sure cuts down on the weeding a lot! We were gone for a week and had 2 wks of rain...mine looked pretty much the same for a while...I just worked it one row at a time. I would get overwhelmed if I looked at the overall condition!


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