Sunday, July 21, 2013

Changing Things Up

Our hens are faithful egg layers.  We’re up to about 6 dozen eggs a week, and have 15 girls laying at the moment. (Two went broody)  Rarely have I ever found an egg outside of the coop or nesting box area.  I think a rat or mysterious pest may have carried one or two off in the past, but typically if they’ve laid an egg it’s in their nesting boxes.  That is until I placed an opened bag of wood chips in their coop area so it would stay dry and available for when I need to change out the material in their actual boxes.

Our Easter Eggers have decided to change things up a bit and lay their eggs here, instead of the boxes of which we have 6 openings available.



Has anyone else ever wondered why, when you do have 6 nesting boxes, they all want to lay their eggs in one or two?  I’m guessing that way, if someone else gets the hankering to go broody, their offspring will be included.  Would you consider that smart or lazy?


  1. 6 dozen eggs a week!!! Wow, I take it you have egg customers! I'm also amazed that your girls all lay in their nest boxes. And yes, we've marveled over the mystery of how one and only one nest box will do no matter how many are available. If there's a ruckus in the hen house, they're usually screaming over somebody else wanted the box they wanted! Never a dull moment....

    1. Actually I don't technically have any egg customers. I do however have enough friends and family that take them off my hands. And no, it's never a dull moment in the hen house! I've had them standing in line, like they took a number waiting for their turn, at least 4-5 hens deep all wanting the same two boxes! I didn't have my camera but it was funny to see.


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