Friday, October 26, 2012

Pit Viper Bite Poisoning in Dogs | petMD

Pit Viper Bite Poisoning in Dogs | petMD

Thought I'd share this link, since we've lived it first hand the past couple of days. 

Miss Izzy had a rough Thursday.  She was so excited to get out of the Vet hospital, and cried most of the way home.  It was her excited cry, the "I'm so glad to be going somewhere", or "I know there's a lizard in there" or "let me at that squirrel" kind of cry.  Not of pain, since she just had her pain med before we picked her up.

Her afternoon was miserable.  She was in pain.  For this I was sorry.  It's part of nature for an animal that is in pain to not cry out.  It's a sign of weakness, and makes them a target.  So if your dog is actually crying or whining in pain, please don't ignore it. It's serious!

Izzy's swelling continued to go down, but her puffed up face made her normal sassy self almost unrecognizable.  She ate chicken, her favorite food, and drank a LOT of water.  She did a considerable amount of sleeping too.  I'm sure she didn't get much in at the hospital.  Her nightly walk was just an amble down the sidewalk.  She actually turned around to come home.  She was not herself.

But after a good nights sleep, in our bed which under normal circumstances is not allowed, she and the Moose went around the lake this morning and she led the way.  Not as fast as normal, but she is getting her strength back.  We gave her the antibiotic medicine and I'm guessing she's not feeling well as a result.  She seemed to get an upset stomach right after and just wants to sleep.  We can't blame her.  The company mascot is resting up in our office on the futon, snoring of all things. 

She's already spoiled, but getting even more attention now.  All well deserved.  Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers.  How many dogs do you know that have people from all over the U.S. praying for them?  She is blessed, and so am I.


  1. I would be spoiling her too. So glad she is home. Now how do you keep her from doing that again. I hate snakes.

    1. Well, she'll be kept at my side, or in the screened enclosure. We are not going through that again. It's a shame. She has to give up something she absolutely loves. We hate snakes too. So much in fact, we're going out to buy snake boots, and running the property tomorrow. Turning over everything that may hide a snake.

    2. Glad to hear that Izzy is doing well !
      The snake boots are a good idea...The Moose scared me with his willingness to tromp right through the high grass in tennis shoes !
      Keep in mind tho that the snakes are always there and we just don't see them. The main danger for us humans is with our hands when reaching to pick something up. Especially tomorrow with all this rain. They'll be hiding up under things. Better believe I was thinking bout that moving all that wood, the other day !!
      See ya tomorrow, with my Snake Boots on LOL


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