Monday, October 22, 2012

Now Appearing in Random Order..

Saturday's Happenings....

Rooster Cogburn
 OK, I posted his picture just because.  Not much to say other than, ain't he cute!

Remember earlier this season we used water troughs to plant lettuce, up off the ground.  Well, I have to say, I don't think they are doing all that great, compared to lettuce I've previously grown in the ground.  While working and not having to bend over is REALLY nice, the growth of the lettuce is much slower.  It's even planted in great from the bag soil!  I haven't yet been able to even take a cutting for the dinner table.  I don't have a picture of the spinach, but they came up and stopped growing altogether.  So far, thumbs down!

We had some new friends over, including the Dragon Lady who worked all day, and they wanted to cook dinner in our outdoor pizza oven.  I should have taken a photo of the marinated venison and veggies.  It was awesome!  Slow cooked for several hours.  The oven performed magically.  Now, we're just waiting on some cooler and drier weather to stick around, so we can finally finish/decorate the outside.

Our new friends have access to mulch and wood.  These three piles are all oak.  It's from the cuttings by a local power company, and they drop it off at The Compound for us.  Did I mention FOR FREE!  First of all, yeah, we no longer have to run to the local landfill.  Second, it's actually chopped up much finer than the product at the landfill and third, we don't get oak logs for the fire pit or stone oven from the landfill.  This is definitely a win win.  Now it just needs to be hauled to the garden.  I'm not complaining.  The Moose and Spud figured out a way to make our lives easier.  They made a larger door opening on the side of the garden.  Now we load up, and drive a trailer load into the garden.  Nice..

Berta and Miss Corrie
I mentioned last week that these two are now best buddies.  Rarely do you see one and not the other close by.  We stuck around until late Saturday, and spied on the Cotton Club and Hooligans with a flashlight before we left.  These two girls even sleep next to each other at night!  I mean, right next to each other, and no one else is on either side of these two.  We're still trying to figure out how Pennie of the Hooligan's got up on top of the roof of their shelter.  It's up at least 6' high!

It was an easier weekend for us, more socializing than anything.  I think we all needed the break.  Besides the weather was wonderful, cool breeze, low humidity.  We're finally heading in to the really nice time of year to live in Florida.  Now, if I could just find a way to get some apples from Sista's tree..


  1. Man...I would LOVE some free mulch! I have to call the town, maybe they have extra. I'm surprised your lettuce isn't doing better. I've been hoping for an update because I want to do the same thing. I wonder why?? I'm glad you had a good weekend:)

    1. You could try calling a local tree company and see if they deliver for free. I've heard some do. As to the lettuce, not really sure. The soil from the bag even included Miracle Grow fertilizer. You'd think I'd have a much better product.

  2. I'm really jealous of all that mulch! I don't need it so much here in the City but boy could I use it in the Country! They have very few tree surgeons up there & they don't usually haul it off, they just blow it where thay have taken the tree down. Very rural.

    Sorry to hear that the gutter solution isn't working like you (& I) had hoped.

    I bet dinner was wonderful, there's nothing like cooking outside.

    1. I bet your only jealous until you think of all the effort it will take the mulch in the right place! yes dinner was wonderful, nothing like cooking outside.

  3. I would take some of those chips in exchange for apples....maybe. I could send you some apple butter!LOL

    1. LOL, and after reading your blog, I'm thinking you wouldn't trade apples since you eat so many.


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