Monday, October 8, 2012

Old Hen Berta

Here's our old bag Berta!  She was and still is the only White Orpington laying eggs.  She was really banged up when we got her, and the saddle is still in place as she hasn't grown her feathers back in yet.  Strange?  Maybe the damage done to her is beyond repair?  She's also always dirty looking.  The others are bright white, not her.  She's dingy.  But to her advantage, she's Queen of the roost! 
At first she wouldn't have anything to do with Miss Corrie, now they seem to be chums.  Maybe it's because they lay eggs together now.  They can understand each others pain, or they've come to an agreement of sorts.
Thought I'd share this video.  She seems lost in her own world, but does notice me taking the video, and then decides she'll continue to enjoy herself.  I just love chickens!


  1. Love your chickens and love that you rescued them. Berta's feathers will grow back when she molts. Feathers aren't like hair. They only get new ones after the molt.

    1. You taught me something new. I thought they would grow new ones, but that it took around 7 weeks. We've had them longer than that. Poor thing, she looks rough enough as it is. I can only imagine what she'll look like during a molt.


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