Monday, October 1, 2012

Like Minded Friends - Walls Being Built

Part of “prepping” or preparing for what we believe to be coming is to surround yourself with people of like mind.  Those who are willing to work together to achieve the basic fundamentals; food, shelter and security.  This is not an easy step, it is even more difficult when those closest around you believe you are a “whack job”, or lunatic for the beliefs you hold.  They either don’t believe you, or don’t want to believe you.  
We’ve been struggling at The Compound trying to get ready for what we believe to be inevitable, a major financial crisis in our country.  We are working to provide food (garden, chickens, and fish) shelter (camper, bug out location) and security (weapons and location of our property).  What we were really missing was physical and mental help. Trust me when I say, you cannot just turn over the soil and expect a garden to grow.  Chickens don’t feed and water themselves, and if you’re not careful and cover the pond the birds will beat you to the fish.  We have struggled, but we have learned even more.  How will those doubters deal with a crisis?
The Moose and I basically have Saturdays to get our work accomplished.  Projects we feel lead us to self-sufficiency, and everything that goes with that.  Just read some of the past posts and you’ll get the gist of what we are working towards.  But it’s just the two of us.  We are physically limited by the amount of work we can get done, and are feeling some pressure to get more done, quicker. 
We also only have 2 sets of eyes.  How we see what we’ve done, and what needs to be done can be short sighted.  Another perspective is always helpful.  We think we’ve found that in our new prepping friends; Dragon Lady and Spud
Spud has followed my blog, not long after I started it.  Turned out they live a short drive from The Compound, are like minded and they both bring a set of skills that neither the Moose nor I possess.  They are an asset.  They feel the same about us.
The Moose and I realized some time ago we needed help; we were not sure where we would get that help.  But after meeting Spud and Dragon Lady a few months back, and our continued communication, we both felt it was the right time to reach out.  Spud made a visit to The Compound this past Saturday.
He left us with some new projects and ideas for the future, that we will work on together that will lead us to our ultimate goal of self-sufficiency.  He also took some time to help the Moose build the wall and shelter for the Hooligans, while I mowed the overgrown property.

It was nice to have another perspective, and to move forward knowing that if you are a “whack job” or lunatic, you are not alone…
By the way;  The Hooligans are really happy with their new space!


  1. Well Izzy, if your a whack job so am I. Personally I believe that major financial crises is looming large on the nearest horizon. I think our country is being artificially shored up at the moment and that house of cards will come crashing down around the 1st of the year. (read after the election) I also don't think any one political party is responsible for it. It has been building for decades, helped along with deregulation, and taken advantage of by greed.You hear people say buy gold but you can't eat gold. I am forever thankful that we have no mortgage even though this is not my ideal home. We have dreams to sell here and build the "compound" of our dreams but that would require the economy to perk along for a little while longer and it doesn't include a mega mansion. Just simple living and we are not exactly spring chickens so all that work is getting harder to do. So here you have another like minded person and they are hard to find. I have yet to find one.

  2. Good for you Izzy! It has to feel good to have partners. There are many near our Country House that are pretty self sufficient, or could be if needed. But they are not of the same mindset - so are not prepared for what might happen. However, we have found a few that may be working toward the same goals.

    1. It's not been easy, and even more so when you decide to put yourself out there. We're glad we did it though.

  3. Replies
    1. I know you are, and thanks for keeping up with my crazy site!

  4. We will do our best to not let you and the "Moose" down.
    Everything at the Compound looked hunky dory today when we stopped by. The chickies were just happily clucking away.

  5. thank you for having us at your compound and also for letting us go there today so I can see it.You have done a great job on it and I hope we can help you with it.

    Dragon Lady

    1. We're glad you liked it as it is a work in progress. Hope to see you soon.


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