Sunday, February 12, 2012

Verti Gro and Hydroponic Gardening

We spent Saturday with a couple of great friends;  Fred and Peggy.  We visited Rockledge Gardens to hear a presentation on hydroponics, specifically Verti-Gro.  While I understand the better use of space, less water usage, etc.  I have to say I'm not sold.  Here are a come of my concerns;

Cost:  a set up of 4 posts with planters and the water system run around $430.00.  The upfront starting cost seems a bit high.  I don't think this included the cost of seeds/plants or the fertilizers needed.

The addition of fertilizers and chemicals for nutrition of the plants.  There is nothing in the water or media, you must add it.   After studying the Back to Eden program, and how we can grow in a more natural setting, letting nature do most of the work.  I would not be happy having to regulate, during the growing cycle, the amount of chemicals I need to add to the water.  I'm also trying to get away from adding chemicals of any kind.  With chemicals comes cost, and storage issues.

The use and cost of electricity to run the system.  We were told it isn't much, but the larger your system, the more electricity it will take to run.  The Compound is off grid, so electricity unless run from our solar system, is an issue.

All four of us were glad we were able to get more first hand information, (knowledge is power), but the Verti-Gro/Hydroponic Gardening doesn't appear to be our "thing".

WEATHER ALERT:  We are again dealing with freezing temperatures in central Florida.  We hit around 34 degrees this morning, with the same expected for tomorrow.  I was really hoping we wouldn't have to deal with these types of temperatures again, especially since we have a garden full of plants.  Our friends helped us cover the plants, and all of us have our fingers crossed they make it. 

Now that's true friendship right there!  Pitching in even when they didn't have to. 

The Moose and Fred spent the remaining time getting set up, and then shooting the afternoon in to dusk.  There were some amazing shots! 

Peggy and I spent time chatting, eating snacks and some chocolate we had picked up earlier in the day.  We could have eaten the oranges we also bought, but decided that chocolate is where it's at!

Great fun! 


  1. The chemical aspect of Hydroponics has always been a concern of mine. Not to mention it seems if it were a less expensive way to grow then more people would be doing it but the produce I find that has been grown that way is always spendy.

  2. Sista,

    They also mentioned in the class that growing heirloom vegies was less productive this way. Seems like we're working against mother natures system. I'm sure Monsanto and the like are happy selling more chemicals.

  3. I agree about the chemicals. Always wondered what would happen if you use spring fed pond water. Lots of minerals and organic matter from the fish, turtles, etc.

  4. DFW, I think you'd be better off, using whatever comes naturally. I think what you are speaking of is aquaponics, where they use fish poo, etc. But I like the idea of using an actual pond, rather than a large barrel with fish in it. Again, I'm leaning towards what God has already provided. It's worked all these thousands of years.. and I'd rather keep my money than pay it to the Monsanto's of the world.

  5. Hi Izzy, Sorry if this is a 2nd reply, the 1st didn't seem to take..... I agree wholeheartedly about Monsanto, they scare the daylights out of me.

    On a different note, if you are home today, could you give me a call on my cell 904-705-3922? I have an offline question to ask.


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