Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh My Aching Back!

Saturday was clean out the chicken coop project day.  We're paying for it today.  Stooping over, shoveling out the old, and laying down the new.  It was needed, and a good start to the spring season.  The Hooligan's, specifically Henrietta and Nugget were very curious as to what was going on, and spent the afternoon getting in the way.  At one point, Henrietta went inside the coop, stepped inside the nesting boxes and started to "chew" out the Moose.  "Hey buddy, where's the bedding?!" She followed him around expressing herself, and not backing down.  After things dried up a bit, the Moose put the new bedding down.  Henrietta went back inside and actually went into a nesting box to see if he had done his job right.  No complaints from her, but we did hear from Nugget.  I guess her area changed too much.  She sleeps on a hay bail, that wasn't yet put back.  Again, she let us have it!  All things were put back to right before we left, so hopefully they slept peacefully in a spring cleaned coop.  The old bedding will be composted.

I forgot the camera this weekend.  What was I thinking?!  So, sorry no new photos.  You'll have to use your imagination.

I put in some more veggies;  peas and beans, then watered the garden.  Things are extremely dry, since we've not had rain for 39 days, and have a deficit of nearly 5".  We do have rain in the forecast for today and tomorrow, so my fingers are crossed the Compound sees some of that.  Not only for the veggies, but also to help the composting process of the mulch we layed down. The rose bushes and citrus trees were pruned.

We often wonder where the day goes?  When it comes to writing down our actions for the day, it seems like we didn't get to very much.  But, my aching back and feet know different.

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