Sunday, February 19, 2012

Puppies Peppers and Pics

It was not our normal routine this weekend. Daughter #2 came home, with her boyfriend and puppy Winston. 

We spent Saturday helping my Sister in-law build an outdoor screen room, which went very quickly since we had all hands on deck;  The Moose, BF, Padre' and the Brother in-law all kicked in, and in around an hour, had it up. We girls headed to the chocolate factory, and picked up pizza for lunch.  We then celebrated D2's 22nd Bday.  Granny made this awesome cake!

We spent the remainder of the day at the Compound.  The garden looks good, and it seems that the tomato plants I was worried about are coming back to life.  I hope to get back to planting some additional veggies next weekend, including these pepper plants.

I also need to spend part of next weekend mowing the jungle that now resides on part of the property. 

Here are a couple of cool pics I took;

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