Friday, February 17, 2012

Home Economics - Knitting

D1 (daughter #1) and I took a Knitting 101 class at our local Jo-Ann store.  This is part of my "to do" list for this year;  sew, knit, canning, etc.  We both enjoyed the time together, and had a few laughs at our sorry excuse for knitting.  We learned the basic casting on, knitting, purl and casting off stitches.  At the end, mine looked like a very bad bookmark!  I've been practicing in my spare time, and made D2 a pea green coaster.  Just one coaster.  Pea green because that's the color yarn they gave us for class.  I enjoyed this enough to want to take additional classes, so that's a plus.

I've also continued to practice my sewing skills.  I've made two pillows.

Won't my family be surprised when they get pillows and coasters for Christmas next year!

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