Monday, April 25, 2011

The Moose, a.k.a. The Bug Catcher

The Moose became a bug catcher this weeekend. Since the Hooligans are stranded inside their spacious new coop for the next few days, so they understand where home is, they are limited as to the type and number of bugs available. The Moose decided to help them out by catching grasshoppers for them.
I'm not sure who enjoyed this more, the Moose who had a constant smile on his face, or the Hooligans who actually got to eat the darn things! They clamored to get to the Moose first for the bugs he brought. Then they ran around the coop making a game of it. The Moose called it a rugby match, and after watching them, I would agree.

Now don't get to thinking we've spent the last three days at the Compound and sat around feeding bugs to the Hooligan's. On the contrary, we did a lot of work again; built the ramp for the Hooligan's, set up their outdoor water system (auto fill), added a shelf in the coop to hold misc tools, added a light and power outlet (run by our solar panels and battery backup), a sink for cleanup, a water/rain holding tank, and outdoor roosts all in the chicken coop. Weeded the entire garden, hilled the potatoes, harvested the lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries, took care of the worms, and processed our first batch of worm compost for the garden. Whew! We're tired!

The Hooligan's will be released on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. The Moose and I are taking bets on which chick will come out first.
Have a great week!

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