Monday, April 18, 2011


My cousin Matt and his wife Marissa from Wisconsin came into Florida for a visit this weekend. He spent Friday golfing at the compound. Actually teeing off, with some golf balls that we found in a load of fill, that came from a golf course. Other than pigging out on crab legs later that evening, in celebration of my Dad's birthday, I think it made his day. We wanted to spend the afternoon at the beach, but since it's Florida, it had to be rainy and cold. It was really great seeing them both.
The Moose and I spent all day (I mean ALL day, 'til 8pm) Saturday working at the Compound on the chicken coop and run. Our chicks, if you can call them that any longer, will be ready soon for their new abode. Along the way we picked up 156 feet of cloth. The type of stuff they use around tennis courts for privacy. We cut it into sections to lay along the top of the roof/run. It gets really hot here in the summer, so we wanted extra shade, and it's just another preditor barrier. We've talked with some people lately, and they have nothing nice to say about racoons, so we doubled our efforts. We used zippies to hold the cloth down, and are my fingers sore. Every 12 inches, on each side of the cloth needed to be tied down. I figure we used about 200 zip ties; ouch!
The Moose built them their roost; he used hinges so we can prop it up, and clean under the area easier, he also hung the door. I painted the roost to match. We watered the garden, and picked our first batch of cherry tomatoes, yum!
Sunday was spent hanging around the house, cleaning the Hooligans temporary home, and letting them play in the backyard again. They really like it outside. Our 16 year old Senegal parrot, Sunny, decided to join me at the sink, while I was washing strawberries and tomatoes. He decided to steal a berry. For such as small bird, he can make a huge mess.

Have a great week.

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