Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dog Day Afternoons

The Moose and I got a good start on the chicken coop addition. When we began this chicken adventure, we were just going to get a handful, and the original coop would have been fine, but now that we have 11 Hooligans to house, we needed to come up with a game plan. We stopped by the hardware store to buy some supplies, and on a cart near the cutting area was a stack of precut plastic outdoor fencing. They made us a deal, $60 for all 4 pieces, already cut to the height we wanted. Won't rust, warp or rot. Here are some photos of the process.

We still need to put on the roof, paint, add a roost, nesting boxes and finish the water catch system. We have some additional chicken wire to install at the bottom of the fence, and we're going to add an outdoor cloth, along the same area as the chicken wire, to help keep the snakes out. Once that's done, their home will be finished and ready for the Hooligan's.

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  1. That's funny right there. I planned my chicken barn out for two months and made sure to build it alittle big just in case. I did not even get it all the way done before I was adding on. Better yet, I am still building for more chickens down at the big barn.
    Adding on is a good thing and it does not matter how big you plan for, it can always be bigger.


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