Monday, April 11, 2011

Almost There!

Well, it was another very long and very hot day Saturday. We had good intentions to finish the coop; chicken wire and cloth around the bottom of the run, paint, hang the sliding door, put on the roof, and run shade cloth along a section of the roof, etc. We also wanted to weed, water the garden, clean out the camper, and tiki hut and mow the 2-1/2 acres. It's kinda like looking at a buffet line, your eyes are bigger than your stomach! The heat slowed down our steps considerably and we didn't get all the things done we wanted, so we headed back out to the torture chamber on Sunday. So now, we only have to hang the shade cloth and sliding door, build them their roost and nesting boxes. That'll be next weekends project.
The place looks really good when it's all cleaned up.

The Hooligan's are growing much faster than I had anticipated. They're in the "ugly" stage at the moment. We've had them for almost 3 weeks. As soon as they are all feathered out, the stinky little buggers will be heading to their new coop at the Compound.
They spent their first night out on our patio. It's finally warm enough to keep them out there, and the Moose and I are very glad we've gone to such great lengths at the Compound for their protection; roof, chicken wire and cloth along the bottom. We live in a suburban neighborhood, and the Moose woke up to hear an owl in the tree next to our patio, and ran into a racoon on his way for the morning walk with Izzy. We're considering leaving Izzy on the patio the next couple of nights to deter them from hanging around.

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