Monday, May 5, 2014

Breakfast to catch our Lunch

Yep, we used breakfast to catch our lunch.  Here's the story;

We got up Sunday morning at The Compound, late mind you, somewhere around 6 am and we may have slept even longer if it wasn't for the choir boys (our roosters).   After we cleaned up, rubbed the sleep from our eyes the Moose asked me what my plans for the day were.  Do you want to go home right away this morning?  I knew there was a bit more behind that question, and since we'd really rather not be anywhere else than The Compound to begin with, we decided to stick around and let the day play out. 

The Moose opted to go fishing.  Something he hasn't done in years (not including the two visits to the ocean which amounted to him getting seasick, and neither of us catching anything we could keep).  I'm talking about the pull up a chair, kick back, put a blade of grass between your teeth and throw your line in the water, kind of fishing.  The kind of fishing he's only been able to dream about for many years.

Our dear friend Fred mentioned to the Moose the other day.  "Now that you got an RV, it just means more work at The Compound".  Well maybe, but not this past Sunday! I'm telling you, within seconds of me saying,  I'd be more than happy to stay, he was up and out of his chair, running down his fishing gear. 

As soon as the Moose was running down his gear, the boys (BJ and Donnie) were up and wondering what the heck was wrong with the Moose!  That's not a shovel in his hand, it's a fishing pole!  You didn't have to tell them twice!  Within a matter of mere minutes all three of them were on the dock.  I served them up some breakfast sandwiches, which they ate some of, but used as well to catch the fish!

Breakfast sandwich;  ciabatta bread, fresh egg, steak (left over from Saturday's dinner) and cheddar cheese.

A little piece of steak, egg, cheese or bread on the hook, and within minutes you had one on the line!

We ended up with 10 blue gill (of differing varieties) pan fish.  They threw back in the smaller ones.  By about 9am they stopped biting.

That was our lunch.  The boys cleaned them and grilled them.  They were delicious!

The Moose deserves more days like this one.


  1. I love catching big Bluegill they are pretty good fighters.

    1. They had a great time catching them that's for sure. They also caught 3 soft shell turtles which were a bit more difficult to bring in. Even worse to get the hook out of their mouths.

  2. Another blogger who had a great weekend outdoors..;)

    1. It was that! Weather was perfect Sunday. Much needed after 3-4 days of almost continual rain. Thanks for following along.

  3. Congrats on the great catch! Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!

  4. Izzy,!!!!
    We fished on Saturday, I caught a bass and the darn thing lost the hook when reeled close to shore.
    How do those blue gill taste?


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