Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Hen Goes Broody

Yeah, we have another hen that's gone broody.  We are unable to count the number of eggs she's sitting on.  It's a lot!  She chose to take up residence in the new Booda Dome (kitter litter box), we picked up at a recent yard sale.

I've since moved that into our large dog kennel to keep her away from the other hens that keep trying to lay her more eggs!

The thought of a hen not eating or drinking for 21 days makes me nervous.  I understand mother nature has taken care of these things for thousands of years before I came along, but I try to help where I can.

So, I placed a waterer, feed, some scratch and fresh veggies in the area.  She does get up and stretch her legs on occasion, as these things are disturbed.  I also like to wet a piece of bread, which she seems to enjoy.  I know she has something that fills her tummy, along with getting some water.  It's too hot to go without water.

She's content and I can hardly wait to see the new arrivals.  Should be sometime this week!

Our other two are starting to feather out and growing every day.  Miss Connie is a great Mom!


  1. My hens will get off the nest once a day and eat and drink like mad then get back on the nest before the eggs get cold. They also drop a massive pile of lethal smelling poop.

    1. That's likely what she's doing. Although with nearly 45 chickens, it always smells lethal!

  2. I have 6 broody hens right now and 2 Turkey far we have had 20 something chicks hatch out...I take them as they hatch and brood them myself...Not sure how many more we have to go before broody season ends..but we will take all the chicks we can get...just helps grow the homestead!

    1. What does the hen do when you take away the chicks? As to the turkeys, I'm interested in raising them too. Do you keep them with the chickens, feed them the same feed and how are the Tom Turkeys?


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