Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It was one of those weekends where you could have fried an egg on the sidewalk!
The Moose mowed down the garden (forgot to get photos), but it was basically a jungle. That is NOT an overstatement or exaggeration. Many of the weeds were taller than my 5’5” height! He suffered as a result, got dizzy and started losing feeling in his jaw. Heat stroke was looming. Some bottles of water and a head dunk under cold water really helped!

We had some other projects that the guys all worked on, and needless to say their t-shirts all hung low, and it was a good thing it was outdoors, or we girls would have fainted from their smell!

Other important news: We received a phone call late Sunday from one of the guys who is watching our property. They found a 2-1/2 foot gator in our Tilapia pond! How on earth it got in there is a conundrum. The pond is inside a fenced in area, with chicken wire along the bottom 2’. The pond is covered by plastic fencing as well, to keep out the previous band of renegade Egrets! We’ll be doing a walk around to see if an area or two has been breached. I’d rather not feed the local wildlife Tilapia from our pond. I figure, the area is pretty much a swamp or scrub brush, very native environment. They ate from the surrounding area before we came on the scene, they can continue to eat somewhere else!


  1. Izzy,

    This heat will cause havoc to your health, and property. I'm glad to hear Moose drank down water and dunked his head I the water to cool down. Does Moose wear a hat when mowing? I used to place a baggie full of ice and water on my head under my hat along with a ice cold washcloth around my neck when we lived in Florida when I did yard work. This made a world of difference in how I felt working in the sun.

    A gator in your pond, sounds fishy to me. Either it breached your fence or someone threw him over the fence. It's a good thing someone found it before something happened. Hopefully, it didn't eat all of your tilapia.

    1. Sandy,

      Yes, I got him to start wearing a hat a little over a year ago, so at least we have that covered. My Mom just gave me a wrap for your neck or head, that once dipped in water, something inside activates and helps keep you cool. If it works, I may buy enough to wrap him up like a mummy!

      As to the gator, there were actually 2, he caught another one the next day. We'll be doing a search on Saturday to see what we find.

      As always, thanks for following along.

  2. Sure glad I don't have that problem, Izzy.

    1. I often think of you, and what must be wonderful summer temperatures.

      When are you going to post an update? I miss reading about your progress. How are the new geese?


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