Thursday, August 22, 2013

It Struck Again!

The upper respiratory infection that struck the chickens at The Compound last year at this time, has struck again!  It’s mean and nasty.  It causes drainage from their noses and eyes, sneezing, coughing and dizziness. 

When visiting the boys and girls yesterday, I noticed Rocky (Rocky Road, she looks like the ice cream) off and away from the flock.  That’s one of the first signs, especially when treats are being handed out.  Now some chickens will just want some peace and quiet, but when food is being offered it is not normal behavior.

So I went to investigate, and I had to only take one look to realize she was not well.  Rocky’s left eye was red, watery, swollen and just plain nasty.  In our house, we call that the Quasimodo eye, (Disney character from the Hunchback of Notre Dame) but not so cute. 

So she’s been packed up and brought home to spend the next couple of days on the patio getting medicine,(see last year’s link for details below), and some extra TLC.  She’s eating cold peas, lettuce, corn and grapes at the moment.  I’m off to the store in a bit to get her some melon.  It’ll help make sure she gets water in her diet as well as be cool on her sore throat.

I looked at the other chickens and saw no signs, but this is fast acting.  In less than 2 days she went from perfectly normal to pitiful.  It’s just so darn hot and humid, rain almost every day.  It’s nearly impossible to keep their area dry, with this much moisture.  October couldn’t get here quick enough!

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  1. Oh no, that is so discouraging to have the same problem crop up again this year. Hopefully you've nipped it in the bud.


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