Friday, August 2, 2013

40' Container - The Gist of Things

Well, thought I’d add some additional details regarding the container so you get a better picture of what our plans are, and how we’ll get them accomplished.

First of all, we are not experts. We’ve never done this before. Saw some information online and figured we’d give it a try. If you attempt the same thing, you are on your own and we make no promises as to how it will turn out.

We plan on partially burying the container. Our water table is only about 4’ below the surface, so our ability to dig a really deep hole is not an option. So we’ll dig as far down as possible, back fill a bit with crushed stone, and then move the container into place, using the “nothing is free” light poles (I promise to shoot some video). We’ll put the finishing touches on by filling in the sides and creating a large berm or mound over the top. We are in essence making a cave.

Now as to the why; we have another container on the property and the minute you open it up you get a wonderful blast of 150 degree + heat in your face. The amount and types of things we are able to store are limited; no extra cans of gas for the mower, etc. So, by creating a “cave” we can lower the ambient temperature inside the container to around ground temperature or close to 72 degrees. The life cycle of items stored will be extended, and I won’t get a stinky facial every time I open the door!

I’ll have more to add as we progress. One final note, the cost of the 40’ container, delivered was $2500.00 and it’s 8’wide x 40’long x 9’6” high. We have way more space for storage than those little metal sheds they sell for $1985.00 for an 8x12.


  1. Very interesting. It sounds like you've thought this out for a while. I can imagine it's going to be a lot of work getting the container exactly the way you want it. In the end you'll have the results you've been looking for. I'm looking forward to reading more about your storage container.

    1. I believe we will eventually get there. Time is limited since our only day to really work on it is Saturdays, but we have a few friends ready to help.


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