Sunday, June 9, 2013

Putting Life Into Perspective

Aunt Elaine's Lilac Bush
On our recent mini vacation, visiting family in Wisconsin, I had plenty of time to gaze out the truck window and get some perspective on life.  After the past 5 months, where every waking minute has been spent on tiling, painting and chickens, the 4,000+ miles of windshield time allows for plenty of time to rest and think.

Rest from the physical aspects of our project was very much needed.  It was getting so bad the Moose and I were competing for most complaints about aches and pains each morning!  “Oh my knee”, “your knee, what about my back?!”  We should have invested in Tylenol and Advil!  Now my backside hurts from all the sitting, but I haven’t had to get up and down off the floor in over a week! 

Mentally I needed a break too.  As issues run through your head, the worries about our business, finances, etc.  all I had to do was look out my window at the empty buildings and for sale signs in cities through each state or listen to the news that some family members are getting laid off from work, to put my life in perspective.

Watching snippets of the news and seeing the devastation and heartache the people in Oklahoma are going through, made me count my blessings.  Seeing people already rebuilding, along with thousands of volunteers showed me how perseverance and fortitude should be a bigger part of my daily vernacular.

The Moose and I rarely turned the radio on.  We just needed the peace and quiet, to put things back in order.  There is something to be said for companionable silence.   

Most importantly it gave me time to pray, and thank God for all my blessings.  


  1. Just think...when the SHTF we will look back upon these as the good old days.
    I think about how good I have it in life every time I pass some poor homeless soul on the side of the road with his sign saying "Will work for food" Sure some are there by choice or thru making poor choices but most I'm sure would much rather be in my place. As I might wish that life had also treated me and mine better.

    Call it what you will, Either praying or introspection. We all need do it more, and count our blessings.

    1. Yes we do need to do it more. Tell Dragon Lady hello!


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