Monday, June 17, 2013

Delivery at The Compound

With great excitement the Moose and I went to The Compound late Friday, to get a head start on chores, but most importantly to check on Connie and her eggs.  Out of the 7 or so she had been laying on, she hatched out these two.

I don't think any of the others will hatch, but we left them with her for a couple more days.  She's a very protective Momma, and is already training them on what is OK to eat.  We gave her some fresh sweet corn, lettuce greens, and bread, to help her gain the weight she lost back, and also to give her a variety of things to eat.  She was making a clucking noise when eating the sweet corn to let her chicks know it was something worth eating.  They ran over and pecked at it, but they are still too young to really enjoy corn on the cob.

Dolly is still sitting on her eggs, and we should see something from her, if all is well in the next week or so.

We need to come up with an area for Connie and her two little ones, so she can stretch her legs, but not be bothered by the other hens.  The large dog kennel is a nice large space, but I'm sure she misses scratching and the breeze in her feathers.

I just adore chickens!


  1. Izzy,

    Congrats on the new little ones, they're adorable. I'm trying to get my husband to give in on getting some chickens.

  2. Yeah for Connie! And, good luck to Dolly!


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