Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rest in Peace - Hooligans

We made a nonscheduled trip for work near The Compound on Monday and thought we’d stop by and see how the Hooligans were doing.  Now I wish we’d never gone, and would just let the 2-1/2 acres go to hell in a hand basket!  I cannot put in to words what we saw.   No noise, no stampede of chickens racing to see you at the gate, no life.  All of the Hooligans, except one was dead (I’ll tell you her story when I’m not so emotional).  Their lifeless bodies laying randomly on the floor of their run.  All of them!  To say the Moose and I are devastated, is an understatement.  We are not sleeping, eating little and cursing the animal that chewed it’s way through the top of the run, and left the carnage.  We are broken, but in time will put ourselves back together again.


  1. So sorry Izzy. Damn predators!

  2. Oh my god Izzy. This is something I worry about constantly. I'm so sorry. I have never yet lost a whole flock like that but when I lose one or two to violent deaths it devastates me so I can imagine the pain. I love my birds. The man thinks I am nuts but I really do. Don't give up. You will just have to figure out how to make your coop a fortress and get more chicks. They will make you feel better but you will worry more about them because you aren't there with them. Wish I could figure out a way to help.

  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone. We will persevere.


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