Sunday, July 22, 2012

Putting to Rest and Things Piling Up

The Moose and I are absolutely exhausted thanks to the Florida sun and temperatures yesterday.  Heat index was over 100, and we felt it! 

We buried the Hooligan's ash, and said a final goodbye.

We also finished cleaning out the mess from inside the chicken run.  We scooped out the material that had built up on the floor for the past year as well as what remained of the incident from earlier in the week, and placed it in our garden.  With close to 70 wheelbarrow loads of composting material,  it's finally finished.  Now we can all begin again.

Daughter #1 called and offered her help and although she might have been hoping we'd say not to worry, we took her up on the offer.  We were getting really tired, and it was only around 11am.  We'd already been at the hard work since 7am.  Looking at what remained, we needed her help, and she once again pulled through for us.  She even brought us lunch!  We never would have finished if she didn't come out to The Compound. 

We were hoping to get started on the roof itself, and did get a couple additional posts dug and placed but it was near 6pm when we finished for the day, and we were just too tired for anything else. 

We have all the materials purchased, and the basic plans put to paper, so as soon as we get another opportunity we'll get it started.  Hopefully we'll be finished with it this coming weekend. 

Daughter #1 named the rooster, Alfred.  Short for Alfredo, since he's white. Alfred spent a better part of his day trying to get Corrie's attention.  She was not impressed.

She also named another young chicken, I think will be a rooster Pig Pen.  I'm still trying to figure out this breed. He made such a mess of himself while dusting, the dirt was damp since we just removed the top layers of material, so he had a mud bath. Here he is, looking at Corrie.  His chest looks gray, that's the dirt still stuck to his feathers.  Otherwise this breed is a true bright white.

After the floor was cleaned up, we opened the coop door to let the flock out to roam the enclosure.  At first only Corrie came out.  She was sooooo excited to come out and see us.  It was only her outside for the longest time.  The others were too scared, they barely ventured to the door way.  After some coaxing by Daughter #1 with corn on the cob and bread, Alfred came out.  Then about an hour before we closed up shop, a few more came out, took their mud baths and scratched around a bit.  Some of the others never even considered what they might find.  They were happy with what they knew.

All three of us, the Moose, Daughter #1 and myself were amazed and saddened at how the new chickens reacted to almost everything.  They had no idea what corn on the cob was, or grapes, tomatoes, salad greens, and bread.  They ran from it at first, then just looked at it for the longest time until one of them gave it a try.  Even then they were apprehensive.  They didn't know what to do with an earth worm either.  Weird right?  Once Alfred saw Corrie gobbling up the corn, he figured it was safe and gave it a try.  Then he tried coaxing the other girls over to eat some.  By the end of the day he was eating red grapes whole.  I think once they realize how good it tastes and how much better they'll feel, they'll be looking for treats too.  Even though they are scared of us, they were getting closer to us on their own.  Not next to us, but no longer 5 feet or more away.  There is hope for this group yet.

Miss Corrie was extremely nervous too.  Any strange noise, a wave of your arm and she bolted for cover.  Poor thing.  She's really quick too.  She did not want to go back into the coop, and was a bit tough to round up.  Can you blame her?  After everything, and now she's the one that doesn't belong in the flock.  She has a tough row to hoe. 

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers this past week.  It's been a tough one.

We'll be hoping for cooler temperatures, no rain and an overcast would be nice for this next Saturday.


  1. I bet you wish you could stay there all week. Glad to see you are moving forward.Your new girls will come along with your kindness. I've been thinking about you all week.

    1. You know me too well, yes I'd stay there all week in a heart beat! Thank you for the kind words and friendship. It means an awful lot.


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