Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock Anyone?!

OK, we had another great day today.  We were able to get quite a few little things done, along with a couple larger projects.  I did get to pruning the fruit trees and bushes.  The Moose mowed down the overgrown blackberry patch, and I mowed a section of the lawn.  I cleaned up the frost damaged plants in the garden, watered the strawberries, and cleaned up after the Hooligans.  The Moose replaced the hot water heater control panel, on the camper.  Now we can heat up the water with propane, rather than having to start up a generator.  A friend of ours helped us locate the problem last weekend, so now we're good to go.

The Moose and I set up another set of solar panels, this time on top of the camper.  This set of panels, will charge the camper batteries throughout the week.  We paid around $80 for the 45 watt system.  Its main purpose is to charge the batteries in the camper, but it also has an adapter for cell phones, laptops, and other plug-n-charge items.

The Moose had plenty of help today.  Everywhere he went, the Hooligan's went.

While we were taking a break, a scene out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie appeared.  I can not begin to explain to you the number of birds that were flying by, up and around the Compound. I've never seen anything like it except in a horror flick.  There seemed to be no formation, other than swirling around like a twister.  It was an amazing site.   We came home and turned on the news to see if there was an earthquake or some other phenomenon:  nope, nothing to explain it.  I apologize for the rough video;  I need to work on my camcorder skills.

Now, what should we do next weekend?


  1. I believe that movie was based on true events. Here's a link if you can get to it. Could be you have something similar going on where you live.

  2. You are doing fine work here, God bless. I just noticed you have me listed on your links/blog. I shall do the same for you. Thanks.

  3. Sista - thank you for the link. I did get a chance to review.

    Spud - jealous of what, the amount of bird poo raining down on us? It was a crazy scene!

    Stephen - thank you for listing my blog. I've been following yours for a while now. Your grandaughter is a charmer!

  4. No...I'm jealous of your compound !
    I envy what you have there...

    The birds, hardly. Seen swarms such as those quite often.


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