Friday, January 6, 2012

Things are Heating Back Up

Well, the Hooligan's came out of the deep freeze doing just fine.  Still goofy as ever.  Here's a photo of how the Moose and I covered their windows;

Yes, it's covering the entrance for their ramp, but they have a back door as well, which they seem to go in and out of more often anyway.

The strawberries and cabbage did just fine.

But we did lose the tomato plants, all except one.  Which seems strange, it's the one right in the middle.  All three of these were covered together, and the only one to make it was the one in the middle.

Things will be heating back up this week, we'll be in the middle to upper 70's.  Now that I've said that, we'll get another cold snap later next week...


  1. You just jinxed yourself! Sheesh....

  2. My spuds made it thru just fine. As did the carrots n onions and such. Even the pineapples are okay.
    Probly couple degrees warmer here on the coast...

  3. Sista - according to the weather this morning, I won't be jinxed until after next weekend, if then. We'll see, mid 70's all week!

    Spud - what type of spuds are growing for you, and when did you plant them? We had trouble w/them this past year, nothing but rotten ones, and very small. I even bought seed potatoes.

  4. I planted in December early,
    Used just store boughts that were sprouting. Planted whole spuds not cut.
    Using mesh bags, starting rolled up from the ground, add soil as they grow up. Do not over water...
    Mixed Diatomaceous earth in to help control bugs.
    We shall see.


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