Sunday, September 11, 2011

Raising the Roof

The roof is on! Woohoo!

We finished staining and adding the roof to the deck. Just in time too, as it started to rain, just as the Moose put the last screws in. It looks awesome, and does the job. Next is the screen and doors. Mowing was out, too much rain.

Lucy, our fashionista, was sick this week. We thought we were going to lose her on Thursday. Lethargic, and not behaving like a normal chicken. The Moose ran and got her some meds (Tetracycline), added to their water, and the next day she was much better, and by Saturday back to her sassy self. Actually she's not sassy at all, she's easy to handle, but like Lucy of greater fame, has her head in the clouds most of the time. We'll keep them on the meds until the middle of this next week. The Moose also picked up a mosquito repellent for farm animals. We've had soooooo much rain, that the blood thirsty pests swarm everywhere. It's safe for them, and their bedding, and made a huge impact on their living conditions. The Hooligan's were great fun again this weekend!
The large alligator was back again this weekend, along with 2 of his buddies. They spent the better part of Saturday, hanging around watching the Moose and I working on the deck.

Have a great week!


  1. The roof looks awesome. Guess you get use to gators in your yard but I don't think I would be comfortable living there. Yikes!

  2. Sista, thank you, it was a lot of hard work, but it's great to set out on a mission and see it coming together in the end.

    I am totally uncomfortable with those Gators in our canal. I may end up with the Gator Nuisance Hotline on my speed dial! - Izzy


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