Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here's Part of our Problem

O.K. I had to share this, and I know it doesn't pertain to the Compound, but we are so effected by this, that I could not let it pass.

I totally agree with this article by Susan Lapin. Much of our problem today is we're raising pansies for boys, and allowing girls to think that their emotional way of thinking is sound. Our kids tie at t-ball, everyone gets a trophy at the end so they all can "feel good about themselves". Our divorce rate breaks up families where boys are raised primariliy by their mothers, and girls have little or no influence from their fathers. We raised two very strong young women, with influence from both parents, taught them to be self sufficient, but that is not to say they were taught they did not need or to think less of men.

Maybe this is why, I get along better with most men than women. I had strong male role models while growing up, that kept the emotional nonsense at bay. Please read, Mrs. Lapin does a better job of explaining this issue than I ever could.

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