Sunday, September 18, 2011

Too Good to Be True and Give a Man a Fish

Crazy title right?!

The Moose and I decided to give the deck and camper a break this weekend and get to work on the garden. It's really late in starting, but we've had so much rain, even trying to walk in the garden was impossible. So we planted our starter plants (started at home from seed); tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. We also planted from seed; beans, peas, squash, pumpkin, popcorn, watermelon, radishes, lettuce, and spinach. We'll see if our growing season is long enough this year, because we had frost/freeze nights last November. While I was tilling, the Moose cleaned out the strawberry patch. It seems that everything was overrun by grass and weeds. What a pain! Thank goodness we had 80% of the garden covered with black sheeting, otherwise, we'd basically have to start over. One thing about our strawberries, which I know isn't something they do south of here in Plant City, but we need to shade ours or they burn out. We had a tarp over them for the past 6 months or so, and they really took off. So the Moose and I decided to splurg on some material that would let the rain through, and some of the sun. Giving them the best of both worlds.
Now when I say too good to be true; I was attacked by the General! There I was with my back turned, filling up their feed container, and all of a sudden, attack of the killer rooster! I was so shocked. I grounded them all for the rest of the day. That'll show'em! Probably not, but it made me feel better anyway.
Finally, "give a man a fish"; I'm not sure how it happened or where they came from, but we have fish in our handmade, fully lined, no where near any other water, and the only fresh water for miles, pond! Hundreds of little suckers, of which I could pick out 3 different types. What they are exactly, who knows. But we have fish. Was this an attempt by God to provide us with fish, because we haven't had time to fish and need to, or was he laughing at our overall fishing skills? Either way, it made us laugh, and when you work your tail off like we do, you really need to laugh! They are too small, so I couldn't get a photo, but here's a cool panoramic of one angle of The Compound.


  1. Bird crap! Yes, that is where your fish came from. Birds eat the eggs and then fly and poop in your pond. I promise I am not making this up.

  2. The General thinks you are a threat so don't engage him. That only reinforces the idea that you are something to fight. Bring him something to eat. Bread or scratch or some other tasty thing. Sometimes that works cuz threats don't feed you.

  3. MDR,

    I will never look at bird crap on my windshield the same ever again!


    Thanks for the advice. I'll try and butter him up with special treats, and give him plenty of room. -Izzy


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