Tuesday, September 6, 2011

He Can Move Mountains!

I have to dedicate this weeks blog to the Moose! I have never in my life known anyone, or seen anyone, lift and/or move heavy objects like he can. That's how he got the nickname The Moose to begin with. Three guys on one end, the Moose on the other, and the Moose's end did the majority of the work, while the three pansies on the other end cried about how heavy it was. It's the same at the Compound. Except I don't cry about how heavy it is, I don't get a chance. He just moves it, or lifts it! He's amazing!
We had one of those long weekends, where we worked from sunup to sundown both Saturday and Sunday and another half a day on Monday, and wonder what we got accomplished. It's that everything we seemed to do was tedious and time consuming; drilling holes, cutting out notches, measuring, re-measuring, nailing in boards by hand, staining wood, etc. We're both tired and sore. But here's the latest photo of the deck. We have the roof and screening yet to install.
We also had help cleaning up the deck.
We had a guest show up at the Compound this weekend. Unfortunately, it was an unwanted guest. I'd say he was between 12 and 14 feet long, and he was on the hunt. He made me so nervous, I got out the handgun, and kept a vigilant eye on the Hooligans. This guy if given half the chance would eat me for dinner! Not the greatest photo, but here he is.
One of the nice things about having the camper refurbished is, it's suitable for our Senegal parrot Sunny to join us on the weekends. He enjoys the car rides, and watching the Hooligans in the yard from his window. We've had him around for 17 years, and is loved by all of those able to keep their fingers away from his cage.
Have a good week!


  1. MDR,

    Yes, that does sound good.. anything BBQ'd is good.

  2. You guys are doing a great job, if I were you I would kill that Gator I don't see any good coming from it being around. You have a dog and your chickens to think about. Better safe than sorry. If I was not 3000 miles from you guys I would come out on a weekend or two and help you out. Keep up the great work.

  3. Pete,

    I would like nothing better than to get rid of the gator. It actually needs to come up on the property before we can legally touch it. I may just call the alligator nuisance hotline, and see what they say. One that big makes me really nervous. We've had other small 2-3 footers in the past, nothing this big.

    It's times like these, we wish we had folks like you around. Just think of what we could accomplish when working towards the same goals with like minded people, not the walking dead!


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