Friday, July 29, 2011

Poor Planning on Your Part Does Not Constitute an Emergency on Mine!

Thanks to the thugs in Washington, who in their infinite wisdom, overspent our credit cards and now want to take out another to pay the minimum payment on the other ones, we're getting ready to make a series of final moves.

I don't typically get off the general outline of my blog, specifically the Compound, gardening, projects and chickens. But the insanity has come to a point where serious thought needs to be given to final preperations for the onslaught of increased interest rates and hyperinflation. Now is the time to buy next years staples; including shoes, socks, etc. What will you need to make it through? Prepping is more than just food or resources for food. If you haven't already, now is a really good time to really consider the things you use on a daily basis.

Poor planning by our government will not create an emergency for me! We've been preparing, so we won't have to stand in line or fight for the last can of food on the shelves. For those of you who do not believe people will fight for the last of anything, here's a story;

We moved to Miami in 1994, specifically the area that was hit by hurricane Andrew back in 1992. We had our first threat of a hurricane that summer since Andrew, and the Moose headed off to the hardware store to buy plywood for the windows. He spent over 8 hours waiting in line in his truck. While in the store to pay, two fully grown men were rolling around on the floor fighting for the last box of tapcons! It will become a "dog eat dog" world, and I will NOT be wearing Milkbone underwear! Will you??


  1. I have to agree with you. Most people don't believe it will happen and although I am not as prepared as I would like to be I am better prepared than most. Grab your ankles. We're about to get the shaft and if it doesn't happen now it will. Been coming since the 70's. I was just too young then to know it.

  2. Sista,

    Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. I know we'll continue to add to our prepping, even though we feel pretty confident. It's like planning a wedding, you're always adding to the guest list, or racing to buy some last minute item. - Izzy


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