Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shelter for when SHTF

In our efforts to be as close to prepared for when SHTF, if you've followed this blog then you know we have a garden and chickens, we needed shelter. Along with prepping for food and supplies, we have always looked upon the Compound as a SHTF retreat. Of course, it's actually turned out to be a heck of a lot of work, and a lot of fun along the way. We really felt the only major element still missing was a place with a roof and 4 walls. The camper that came with the property was not ideal. But since we don't want to fork over tens of thousands of dollars on a new or used one, and our property is so remote that no new home building permits are being issued, we decided to refurbish the one we had.

We spent the long weekend working on the refurb of our 5th wheel camper. Remember, the "tired and stinky" camper! Well, it's not stinky any more! All the old flooring that was removed, has a good start at replacement with new vinyl tiles. What a difference a long weekend can make. My fingers are sore (and my knees, back, feet and bum), from working with the sticky tiles. All of the special cuts, chewed up a good number of cutting blades, and what little I have for finger nails these days. Of course nothing is square, throw in some floor vents, and angled cabinets and you're set for a fun, long weekend. The Moose worked on wiring, repairing some of the areas eaten through by mice, venting the a.c., and shoring up some of the rotted wood areas, and foaming the gaps created over time. No more access for bugs or mice.

We worked 12 to 14 hours each day, and are well on the way to getting this project off the list. Everything is a big mess, tool boxes, drills, saws, etc. all laying around. But we stood back from it all, and are happy with the progress we made.

We also took care of the Hooligan's, which by the way, both General Patton (aka Crabby Patty) and Monkey are both crowing. It brings a smile to my face each time I hear them. To think we raised them from little fluff balls, to what they are now, 15 weeks old.

We also celebrated Miss Izzy's birthday. We think she's 12 years old. She was a rescue, so we're not really quite sure. Since it was her birthday, she was not given her bath. That was the best present ever!

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