Monday, July 18, 2011

Tired and Sore - Again!

OK, I realize that with age the body doesn't function like a 20 something, but you would think after over a years worth of heavy lifting on weekends, it would be easier to function. Well, it's Monday morning and I'm tired and sore all over! I was hoping to have a more svelt figure, but nothing, nada, no! The Moose burst my bubble this morning and said: "just think how we would look if we didn't have the Compound!". What's that supposed to mean?!

It was another long hot weekend, of mowing, caring for the Hooligans, and remodeling the camper. We are making progress, sometimes it seems slow, but with each new area we take on, we find something that needs to be reworked or repaired. I will have photos when the project is completed. We still have to finish painting, hanging curtains, installing kitchen backsplash and floor trim. Then we should be set for the furniture. Then it's on to the deck/screen porch. Then?

The Hooligans are 17 weeks, and only a matter of a few weeks before they start laying eggs. If you ever consider chickens, please consider Buckeyes or Red Stars. Both have been awesome, loveable and friendly. Even the roosters, so far. General Patton is getting crazy huge, and should easily top out at 9lbs.

The Moose opened up part of the fence between the Hooligans and the garden so they could go in and scratch around. They've been "chickens", and only go in around 5-6 feet, and then head back to their play yard. They're silly, and worth every penny. Truly a labor of love.

Have a good week! I hope to have photos of the overflowing pond, next week!

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