Thursday, September 12, 2013

On the Hunt

We are on the hunt for angle iron!  We need lots of it.  We will be shoring up the container we had delivered a few weeks back.  Since it will be buried, it needs to have some additional support on the outside as well as inside.  Containers on their own are not made to handle weight on it's sides, so we've come up with a plan, after reviewing how others online have been handling this issue.

Angle iron!  It will be welded along each side and top on the outside.  We are collecting old bed frames, and have a local scrap yard collecting some for us as well.

The water table is only about 4' down in our area, so we are not burying this container down 10', like I've seen in some of the videos.  So the amount of pressure from the dirt will not be as great, but we'd rather take this step and know we won't have any issues.  It would really stink to put this in place and have the sides cave in, and then have to start all over.

We will also place 4x4's in the inside in arch formations.  This will provide support on the inside as well as give us areas where we can connect shelving for stabilization.  No one wants to reach to the top of a shelf, and have it tip. 

So our group is searching high and low for the materials to move forward on this project.  I'll keep you updated.


  1. Looking forward to the process & progress.

  2. I was going to use pipe for the extra support when I buried mine. I just don't know if it will good enough. The last thing I want is it to collapse in on us.


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