Monday, September 30, 2013


The Moose and I took a short hiatus from typical life and headed to Ellijay, GA to spend a long weekend with family.  Family travelled from Wisconsin to join us, Matt, Steve, Dort and Samantha and we along with my Mom, Padre', Daughters #1 and #2, and Kevin had a great time!   Just couldn’t get enough of that little girl, Sammie!
Panoramic view from the back porch of the cabin

We spent some time at the Amicalola Falls, the highest falls in the Southeastern US.  Daughters #1, #2, Padre’ and Kevin (daughter #2’s other half), climbed the 425 steps to reach the top.  The rest of us chose to drive up the 25% grade road and view it from the top, without all the effort.

view from the top of the falls
near the reflecting pool at the base of the falls

view from the reflecting pool to the top of the falls
On our way back, we stopped off at a huge pumpkin patch.  It was amazing at the number of pumpkins! 

On our final day together we headed over to an apple festival, picked apples, watched a pig race and the best part of the day was watching Sammie in the petting zoo.  Every kid should pet a goat once in their life.  She was a girl after my own heart, she was most amazed with the chickens!


Typical family gathering, lots of laughs and too much food!  Now we’re both back to reality, but so very thankful we had the opportunity to visit with family.
Thanks to our dear friends for taking care of things at The Compound while we were gone.


  1. Izzy,

    It's nice to get together with family for a weekend trip. The kids are having a blast with all the animals. How many pumpkins were all lined up, did they mention how many were there?

    1. I have no idea as to the number of pumpkins! Can you imagine lining them all up?


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