Monday, September 9, 2013

Free at Last!

We let the 18 week old White Orpingtons out of the coop and run for the first time.  They've patiently waited and watched the adult flock for weeks on end.  Eat bugs, grass and dust bathe. I'm sure they were jealous.

We showed up on Saturday to the normal crowd and subsequent stampede at the gate of the run to be let out.  The teenagers held back and gathered at the gate waiting for someone else to take the first step outdoors.  They really are chicken, chickens!  I approached and they raced back in, so I made a move and was able to heard them outside. 

From that point, unless they came in for water, they spent the entire day outside.   Each bird that flew over sent them scattering for cover under the robellini's.  But they were not afraid to investigate The Compound. 

They were not ready to go back in at the end of the day, and the Moose, Donne and BJ helped heard them back in. 

We have happy chickens!

Now the youngest, are patiently waiting to have their chance at freedom, next month.


  1. It's always so hard when chicks get to that age when they're almost ready, but not quite, to venture out. I always feel so bad for them!

  2. Izzy,

    It sounds like the chicks were hesitant to go out but once they did and became comfortable, they didn't want to go back inside. At which point it's time to play the chasing game :-)


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