Friday, March 8, 2013

Repurpose Project - Chicken Tractor

I promised a post regarding our recent (February) repurpose project, a bachelor pad for Monkey, and subsequently for Rooster Cogburn.  Neither rooster is people friendly.  They carry the same genes.  Funny how, reading up on the breed it mentions them, the Buckeye breed, as a good friendly breed.  I think they only looked at the hens, which are truly a delight.  Not so much for the roosters.  From day 2 of their little lives they were ornery.

Anyway, since we purchased the Horde of 19 Easter Eggers, and Monkey was an absolute ass about everything, he drew the short straw.  He was relocated.  We researched chicken tractors, looked online, and frankly I thought they were overpriced for the amount of and type of materials and labor needed to build one.  I also wasn’t happy with the quality or safety.  After our event last summer, safety is a huge issue.

How we got to this repurpose project;

We ran in to a really good deal on tile for our home.  The tile came in 4 wooden crates.  Those crates sat full in our garage for a couple of weeks, when the Moose came up with the idea of using those crates to create a bachelor pad.  They are heavy duty crates, and when flipped upside down become the right height for chickens to sit under and scratch throughout the day.  Especially for one incredibly grumpy rooster.  It also provides additional security with the cross pieces.

The Moose purchased some scrap pieces, about $30.00, from the local hardware store.  Along with a few pieces already at The Compound, that’s all we have invested in a total of TWO chicken tractors.

They have flip up sides, so we can get in and out for feed and water.  Chicken wire runs around the bottom perimeter, and we place concrete blocks on those to keep animals from digging under.  Every week or so, they are moved to a new green, grassy area.

After Rooster Cogburn decided to fight with Pig Pen, he has a new residence as well.  I’m sure they are not happy being alone at this point.  We do have plans to expand them, so we can breed them with some of our girls when the time is right.   We also have a set of wheels to install, still to be worked on.  We’ll let you know how that goes…
Not bad for about 30 bucks!


  1. Very cool. Hope those roosters straighten up but in my experience that just doesn't happen. I have had wonderful boys and it is worth looking for one.

    1. I'm sure they won't straighten up either. I guess we've not grown tough enough yet, to just take care of matters. I have one great rooster from the Cotton Club, and he's real gem.

  2. Those look great Izzy! Tell the Moose he is a genius!

    1. I will tell him, he does a great job!

  3. Izzy,

    Please relay a message to Moose, "Great Job"!!!!


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