Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Hatch has begun!

The eggs we put in the incubator 21 days ago have begun to hatch!  6 so far.  5 from the Hooligan side (Miss Corrie has three, and the other two are from Rose and/or Pennie) and 1 lonely White Orpington so far.  6 additional eggs have started pipping.  It's a happy day!

These 4 are part of the Hooligan's, right now they have black legs and beaks.  Don't know where in the genetic line that comes from.

This one is also from the Hooligan line. Looks just like a Production Red. 


  1. So cute! Nothing is more exciting than brand new baby chicks.

  2. We've never hatched our own chicks before; we always pick them up at Wilco (local farm store) or order them through the mail. How wonderful it would be to hatch our cute chicks. :)


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