Friday, March 15, 2013

Chick Update - 2013

We ended up with 16 hatched chicks.  Not sure about a couple, on whether or not they'll make it.  I have one with a "gimp" leg, and another that is not eating.  The one with the bad leg reminds me of Nugget from the original Hooligans.  She got around just fine, a bit slower, but she even laid eggs.  This one is also moving around, eating, drinking etc.  We'll give her another day or so to see how she does and make the tough decision if we have to. 
The sickly one, I'm trying to nurse throughout the day.  I have to try and save it if I can.   It's just me.  I'm sure some that read this would think it more humane to "do away with it", but I figure there's a reason God delivered her to me.

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  1. I would be doing my best to nurse it along too. You go girl.


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