Monday, November 12, 2012

Time for Pushups!

OK, I realize I'm no spring chicken, and that my age and lifestyle have played a part, but geesh!  I couldn't pull the string back on a compound bow yesterday.  How embarrassing!

A couple of dear friends, who I would consider experts in the field of archery, were kind enough to give the Moose and I a beginners lesson.  Let me tell you, Dragon Lady, and Spud sure know their stuff!  They came well equipped.  Compound bows, arrows, and the accouterments needed.

Have you seen a compound bow lately!  They are bad ass looking (excuse the french)!  There's no other way to describe them.   Definately menacing!

The Moose did just fine with his $5.00 yardsale compound bow find.  Spud did a little tweaking of it, and he was good to go.  Great for a beginner, especially since we're new at this, and can build our skills from here. 

I on the other hand ended up having to use a recurved bow the Dragon Lady brought along for me to try.  Reminds me of Robin Hood.  I think I did pretty good but I won't be robbing from the rich and giving to the poor anytime soon!   No fancy gadgets for sighting, etc.  Just you, the bow, arrow and target.

If I ever consider trying the compound bow again, I need to do some push ups!  I just didn't have the upper body strength to pull it back.   I was so embarrassed.... something else I need to work on..

It was great fun!  Thanks again to Dragon Lady and Spud for all the instructions.  Now, if I can just remember..


  1. Funny how you just suddenly realize, I'm not able to do that - huh? Although, those compound bows are tough.

    My strength left me in my wrists first. Now the knees are going. I really need to start my Yoga stretches back up again ....

  2. Just to make you feel bad Izzy...Dragon Lady is almost 25 years older than you and can pull that same bow. So never fear you have plenty of time to learn the art and prepare !

    On a good news front...Got the water tested today.
    Untreated if you remember was 4000 PPM Total Solids of which 2000 PPM was salt.
    After running thru the R.O. unit the Total solids dropped to 200 PPM and salt was 100 PPM

    THAT IS HIGHLY DRINKABLE !! and probably actually tastes good. We'll let the Moose test it ha ha. Cuz I hear Mooses are tough critters lol

    Compound we have lift off in the water category !


    1. I guess having another 25 years to practice is another way to look at it! Great news on the water front! Now we just need replacement filters. Fantastic!

    2. PS...I must comment lest those that know Bows that the pictured Compound is not an example of mine. Mine is oh so much superior to it. My Ego ya know. LOL

  3. My dear 12 year old daughter asked for a bow for Christmas this year (we just last week finally got around to watching the movie "Brave"). I'm trying to figure out how to get one for her that isn't a toy, if you know what I mean...they're spendy! She did make one for herself with a branch and string and even created her own arrows using sticks from the property and chicken feathers. :) Oh, and I'm with you on the push ups...


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