Thursday, November 8, 2012

Setting the Sights

With a little help from our friend Spud, the Moose is the proud owner of a .22 caliber rifle.  We don’t know how old it is, but we got it for a paltry sum of $50.00.  How can we go wrong?!  The ammunition is inexpensive, especially in comparison to some of the other guns we own.  It’s also something I can comfortably handle.  I am frankly a bit leery of the 30.06 rifle.  That thing sounds like a small cannon when fired!  I’ll stick with the .22 and my .38 special.


So of course, it was waaay off, and needed to be “sighted” in.  I lost track of the number of shots and trips between their shooting table and the targets.  I think they shot a few extra rounds just for the fun of it!  Now, I’ll look like a better shot the next time I take a turn at the targets!

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  1. You go girl! I love target practice. Used, to when I saw a rifle was off sight while I was shooting, I would adjust my aim , & it worked but it's the wrong thing to do. Now, I get it sighted in.


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