Monday, November 5, 2012

The World's Going Nuts

The World’s going nuts for walnuts apparently.  82,000 lbs or approximately $300K has been stolen recently out of Northern California.  What would you do with that many pounds of walnuts? 
I checked on the price for a pound of them this weekend and here in Central Florida they are going for $7.49/lb at our Walmart Neighborhood store, and $8.49 at our Publix store.  How about your neck of the woods?
I guess my Christmas cookies will be minus walnuts this year.      


  1. My guess is, no more cupcakes or cookies for treats either...
    The oligarchs probably have them stashed in their bunkers, along with all those " missing " tons of gold.

  2. I hope they know how to store them - lol.


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