Monday, September 10, 2012

Rubber Boot Weekend

The Compound is completely soaked!  Even the garden which has mulch on it is like a giant sponge.  I was afraid my rubber boots would get sucked in to the wet muck!  It was definitely a rubber boot weekend.  We would not have gotten anything done without them. 
The new Hooligans made the trek to The Compound and the new brooder pen.  They took to the new space like a duck to water.  They scratched up a storm of wood chips!  And noisy!  You could hear them from almost anywhere on property.
What was even cuter was when the Cotton Club actually noticed them in the brooder.  It’s hard to explain, but they came back in to the run area to eat some veggie treats and as soon as one of them noticed the chicks, they sent out a strange call, then another one made the same call, and so on until the entire group was making the same noise and all looking up at the three new Hooligans.  Its times like this, I wish I had my camera going.

We popped back out on Sunday just to see how they did overnight and to see if we needed to make any adjustments to their new environment, but so far so good.


We were able to get some more plants into the garden, even though it was really wet.  Tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and eggplant.

The Moose cleared another area of weed mess, and planted field corn to see how it would do.  Remember a previous post when I mentioned how embarrassing the garden had gotten by way of weeds.  Well, here’s a picture of the remaining area still to be cleaned up and then a picture of the area the Moose just finished.  Total difference!

He added compost and lime. We have a PH problem, and need to add lime to help correct it.  We will be adding more mulch on top to continue with the Back to Eden principals.  We just needed a clean slate to start with again.  Besides, much of last years mulch has already composted.

I'll sign off for now, with a few photos of Corrie and the Cotton Club from this weekend.  As you'll see, they are all doing much better.



  1. Because I live in the Northwest it is weird to hear you say you are planting corn and tomatoes at this time of year. I have been trying to harvest the last of the green and very few red tomatoes and beans and can and freeze stuff and make raised beds for the winter vegis that I am planting. (I'm on bed #3). I just can't imagine putting in more tomatoes. I am tired and looking forward to some book time this winter already. Not to mention maybe getting a blog post out. The cotton club actually looks happier to me than they did if that's possible in a picture. Good job.

    1. I have to admit, I am tired. I've been curling up with books on gardening and chickens lately,.. and I think you can tell the Cotton Club looks happier. They are definately getting bigger and anxiously await us opening up the gate to let them out. It's nice to see the change.

  2. It looks like so far so good. Both with chickens and garden cleanup! It's a relief on both counts, eh?

    1. Yes definately a relief! Thanks for following along.


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